Michael Smith

The car was purchased in April 2014. It was languishing on a grass verge outside the premises of a commercial vehicle restorer. The owner at the time would buy a classic car every 6 months, enjoy it for a while before moving it on for the next.

It was in fair condition, showing signs of having been loved during parts of its life (including custom stainless-steel exhaust system), but in poor running condition and showing signs of a minor front end collision. The car pulled very strongly to the left under braking, the suspension was very wallowy and it was down on power. I found out after purchase (from the second ever owner) that the car was a fair-weather car between 1985-1988, and that he kept it dry and well maintained until his sale of the car in 2011.

The main work I did to the car included:
• Full service

• Stripped front end and headlamps. Cleaned, painted and protected all components and areas and replaced front bumper

• New tyres

• New suspension all round, front brakes entirely replaced

• New steering rack

• Reconditioned the propshaft

• New offside front wing, door, and tailgate plus other rust repairs such as front the scuttle

• Underside cleaned up and protected

There is some distance to go – replace driver’s door, lower rear valance, interior re-trim and restoration. However, the car is in clean and honest condition. It drives impeccably for its age, and as it should do.