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Gatley Festival Classic Car Show – Sunday the 1st of July

This is now the fourth annual successful charity event. This years chosen charity for the 3rd year running is Saras Hope foundation.

This charity has again been chosen because it is a charity close to my heart. The foundation funds families with a child suffering with Cancer a well earned rest bite in a villa in Crete. Whilst the families are enjoying their holiday, they have many opportunities to visit local sites with transport funded by the charity.

Any families with a child suffering from cancer will know how valuable this opportunity is to recuperate, relax and spend time as a family. To make happy memories. Sadly for some families it maybe the last time that they have this chance.

The day was very successful with the usual support from our club members. Thank You.

Luckily the sun was out shining in all its glory. Quite a few classic vehicles turn out with both 4 wheels and 2. The majority participated in the annual Gatley parade. The parade commenced at the local school.

The cars drove through the streets of Gatley ending at Gatley Hill and parking up for the remainder of the day. It was a fantastic spectacle.

There were many positive comments from both drivers and spectators. With a passing trade of over 3,500 people there was plenty of interest, bringing back peoples nostalgic and fond memories of vehicles from yesterday. By the end of the day £250 was raised by donations from the vehicle owners and public by means of a stall selling charity merchandise and also bucket donations. Gatley Festival committee have kindly agreed again to double the total.

Also we had a fantastic band The Beautiful Curse and local guys Matt Phillip and his son Jordan singing and playing guitar. Young Jordan is an up and coming musician who has a bright future ahead of him. All theses fantastic have given up their time to contribute to the day. I thank them all from my heart.

Gatley Festival Classic Car Show will continue next year with the usual support from our club.

So if anybody has any ideas how to continue raising please come and see me.

So many thanks everybody well done!!