Michael Hargreaves – Club Chairman


Cheshire Capri Club, well where do I start?  I suppose at the beginning is as good a place at any! Back in 2008 I was asked by my good friend and fellow Capri enthusiast, Geoff Joinson, to help start a Ford Capri Club. My initial reaction to this was “Are you mad?” However, 8 years on and although Geoff has moved on to other things, here I am running Cheshire Capri Club with the members being thought of as my extended family.

My love for the Ford Capri goes way back to the 70’s.  I distinctly remember chasing after a rather nice a RS3100 on my bike and following it until the owner pulled on to their driveway at home.  Something that there is no way I’d be able to do now I may add. From that day the Capri is something that I had always promised myself.  Just like Ford used to say in fact.

Now I look back over the years with fond memories of these (by modern day standards) little cars whilst maintaining optimism for future interest in the model for generations to come.  Today my daughter Millie shows the same passion as I did as a child and supports the club at every event possible.  We are all immensely proud of her and the effort she puts in at the tender age of 14