Alex Evans & Kasey Gorton


a photo of Alex & Kasey at a party

Alex joined the club when it was in its infancy with only a 3 Car stand at Event City. Alex has a passion for Capris stemming back to his childhood and always aspired to own a Mk2 Ford Capri much like what his Dad owned well before he was born. We can often find Alex occupying the BBQ ensuring everyone is fed at the shows and is an asset to the club helping behind the scenes. We have also noticed that Alex often Joins Gaz whilst cooking breakfast in opening the first fizzy drinks of the day.

Often found by Alex’s side is his supportive partner in Kasey. Kasey is often found at the heart and soul of the club and if you see a bottle of wine in the fridge you know she has arrived. Kasey is fantastic in not only her support of Alex but also the club ensuring that things run smoothly. We have often spotted Kasey many a time cleaning down Alex’s Capri at shows and she doesnt realise how good she has it with Alex

When not working in the family business or preparing his stock car for race weekends Alex can be heard enjoying his Capri to the fullest ensuring he gets plenty of smiles per mile from his ongoing 1.6 Laser project. It can often be spotted a mile off running 2.8 wheels, sporting rather large spotlights and an odd coloured bonnet although he assures us one day it will get painted.

And finally we cant forget the final family member in this couple and its Patch the pooch. Their little Patterdale terrier can be found basking in the sun or ensuring he gets as much attention and cuddles from the clubs members.

Alex Next to his 1.6 Laser at Tatton
Alex Next to his Ford Capri Mk3 1.6 Laser at Tatton – Was it a heavy night the previous night Alex?
Kasey sat in the back of Alex's Capri at NEC
Again this is a common theme, was it a heavy night Kasey?
Patch the dog posing infront of Mk1 Gaz's Capri
Patch posing infront of Mk1 Gaz’s Capri