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Well what can I say about this event only that is was much more than we expected it was going to be. We are sorry we never made a better effort as a club, as the event deserved.. If we are lucky enough to be asked back in 2015 , You can be sure we’ll be there…

Fantastic to see our new member Mike Smith & his 2.8 injection, this is possibly  the sweetest 2.8 injection you will ever hear !! Thanks to all who came Alex, Andy, Flexy, Stokie, Danielle, Kayleigh  Mike ,Millie & Eric…

Definitely one to be doing in 2015…

Well Kelsall as been and gone for a 2nd year. weather was stunning for the full 3 days

Full story  in 2014 show reports ?????

We are now boked into

The Eskdale Lodge …

Registered address :         35 Harboro Road,         Sale         Cheshire         M33 5AN         Tel: 0161 973 6770           Fax: 0161 976 4634

Anybody wishing to join us please contact Mike

Rooms pre paid are  as follows

Double rooms

1. Jason & Becky

2.Gary & Tracy


Twin Roomd









Attending for breakfast only !!




The pensioner of the club Gary Fisher is a BIG 50 today

Happy birthday Gaz from all of us at CCC

At Just 17 years of age our youngest & newest member Jocob Hibbet as never been kissed but HEY !!!! Jacob as passed his driving test today 10/06/2014 CONDGRATULATIONS Jacob from all at Cheshire Capri Club

Jacob proudly brought is lovely white Laser Capri to Tatton park show wearing L plates, something the club as never  experienced before and possibly the club will never experience again , so there you go Jacob you go down in clubs history, now you don’t need the “L” plates no more give them to your Dad lol

A week later this month, due to Tatton park weekend great turn out as normal, very nice to see our two new members, Mike in a very honest level black  2.8 Special & Ste in a very rare 1 owner brooklands 280

Looking forward to seeing you all at Kelsall

JC Registration 1 JC Registration 2 JC Registration 3 JC Registration 4

Club member likes the club so much he bought the registration

Windmill meeting Monday 9th

We have a six car stand again for this event if you would like to have your car on display please let me know,

1. Ian Bragg   3.0s

2. Jon Christini  Tickford

3 Gary Fischer Custom Mk1

4. Jason Hibbert 2.8 Injection

5. Stuart Holmes Mk11 2.0

6.Eric Attwood


I will be arranging B&B shortly so I will be in touch, if anyone can recommend a good B&B please contact me



Gsz Rees, Adam Bradshaw


Can you please contact me if you wish to have your car on display for the August event