Event City September 2016 – Show Report

It’s that time of year again when, apart from the odd local show which some of us might go to, the Club’s show season comes to an end. And what a way to finish the show season off, an absolutely brilliant weekend at Event City, Manchester.

I have to say that, yet again our stand looked fantastic, one of the best there without doubt. As we turned up on the Friday afternoon, everything had already been done, once more by Mike, Alex and Ross. Thank you again guys, not only for this show, but of course the others throughout the year which we all come to and enjoy.

We had a great selection of Capri’s as always, consisting this time of our and Alex’s Lasers, Steve’s Brooklands, Tony, Mark and Ian’s S models, Gaz’s Mark 1 golden wonder, and Alan’s 2.8 and GL.

Our weekend stay had something which I’m sure no other club was able to offer it’s members, and that is the private transport for us all to and from the venue and the hotel. Four trips in total, many thanks to Ian and Adam at Belle Vue coach hire, definitely massive thanks are due. Not only were the coaches first class, one of which with it’s luxury leather seats I just didn’t want to get out of it was that comfortable, but the drivers were brilliant too, and couldn’t do enough for us. Superb service.

The Copthorne hotel at Salford Quays was an inspired choice, it was excellent. Couldn’t fault it at all, we loved our stay there and would without doubt return, just a pity we didn’t have a few more days, or even weeks.

The Friday and Saturday evenings witnessed plenty of food and drink, pictures for which can be found on the Facebook site. The Saturday night saw us going into town. I would like to write more about it, but I can’t remember any of it. And that’s always the sign of a good night out! We did all have a fantastic curry though at a restaurant organised for us by Kasey. That was a great meal and a really good time, it just couldn’t have been any better.

Back with the show, on the Saturday one of the judges was seen hovering around Mark’s aforementioned 3.0S with his clipboard, scrutinising and scoring it. Mark’s car had only gone and won an award for best car in show pre 1980! How brilliant is that, very well deserved, it is an immaculate example of this very sought after model. Congratulations again Mark, we were all made up for you. Tony and Danielle stayed behind to gallantly accepted the award on Mark’s behalf so it was waiting for him on his return to the show on the Sunday.

As most will know, we have had our share of famous faces at the shows recently, with heavyweight champ Tyson Fury and Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher (Andy Sugden) at each of the two Tatton shows, and this time we had Top Gear’s The Stig! Now I ignored suggestions from some sceptical club members that it might not be the real one (as if!), that it could be an agency worker (what?!) or even a woman, to accept the fact that it was the actual one, and the only one. He was happy to pose for a few pictures, and you can see one of those here as he proudly stands alongside two of the club’s glamour models, Lynn and Danielle.

As the Show came to a close, I find it hard to understand why so many people showing cars are so eager to go home, revving engines, cars moving, agitated owners, could all be seen as the seconds before the end of the weekend came to pass. It’s an indoor show so obviously cars running and revving engines are not the best of things to have around. The stewards ordered them to turn off, which then meant that some owners could be seen pushing their cars around to the exits for a quick getaway, total madness.

That wasn’t for us as we were sorry to leave as we had such a great time. It went far too quickly as usual and I for one can’t wait to have such a good time again.

Cheers everyone!



Tatton Park August 2016 – Show Report

It’s hard to believe that the Tatton shows have ended for yet another year. They seem to take forever to get here and then they are gone before you know it.

The club had it’s stand throughout the weekend as usual, with us just attending on the Sunday this time, which by all accounts was by far the best day for the weather. After an early morning downpour or two, the rain pretty much stayed away for the rest of the day, a pleasant surprise!

We had a really big stand which was crammed with Capri’s, it looked a brilliant display. We had some new cars this time around which included some new friends from Scotland, hardly a short drive away! It was great to meet and greet you all, and it is worthy to note that with cars and owners from another country, that must indeed expand us into a club of international status!

I did try to count the amount of cars on the stand but I kept losing count (I was off the day they did maths), but there must have been fifteen or sixteen Capri’s or so, which made for a brilliant stand for any visitor to look around, which they did in big numbers, it was constantly full of people admiring the cars, a steady stream coming to see the ever popular Capri.

I must offer a massive thanks here, and I am certain that you will all join me, to our usual crew of Chairman Mike, Ross, Alex and Millie who set up the facilities for us all to enjoy. It’s very easy to forget when we just turn up on show day to enjoy all that is on offer, and then go home again, but they all put in an immense amount of work, not only on the Friday beforehand to set everything up for us, but prior to this of course with ensuring we have everything we need for an enjoyable and comfortable weekend including the fantastic food which is always enjoyed. You can see pictures on the Facebook page of the shelters and equipment being set up on the Friday, in the miserable weather. I have yet to hear anyone whinge or complain about how hard it is or how much trouble it is in doing this for us all, they just get on with it and do it. And of course it all has to be taken down again, removed and stored away for next time. So really – Thank You!

The Sunday afternoon had our annual awards get together, with Associate Member Of The Year and Member Of The Year awards being won by Kasey and Adam respectively. And well done to you both! A great speech by Alex (I assume you kept your nerve there by the age old trick of imagining us all naked), Mike and a nice speech by Alan concerning the Gatley Car Show which he is very much involved with, supporting a charity which is very close to him on a personal level. We must make a better effort to get to this next time Alan.

Whilst the awards and speeches were underway, the stand had a famous face wandering around and admiring the cars, none other than actor Kelvin Fletcher who plays Andy Sugden in popular soap Emmerdale. He was spotted  walking amongst the cars for a good while. We managed to catch up with him a little later, and he agreed to a photo with my better half and club member Lynn which you can see below.

We seem to be building up a roll call of famous names, at the last Tatton show heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury came over to the stand. You can see a photo of him talking to club members on the review of that show here on the website.

That’s the heavyweight champion of the world and one of the biggest stars in TV soaps, not bad going, I wonder which famous face will grace us next!

The club was informed that we had won an award, brilliant news! Chairman Mike gave me the honour of collecting it (thank you Mike), and so up we went along with Ross and Alex to see what we had been awarded. It seemed an eternity as we waited for the other awards to be handed out (and I even resorted to a little pole dancing to pass the time, please keep those photos to yourself Alex me old mate!) before they had reached the top six best club stand awards, which are very worthy accolades indeed.

Sixth place was given out, the fifth, then fourth….and we are still waiting. So wow, we are top three! Then third was called out, and then it was Cheshire Capri Club, runners up. Fantastic. With only the might of the Mercedes club above us, it really is something to celebrate, a great privilege. The strength of numbers, facilities and finances which the Mercedes club has to hand means that they are one of a kind in reality (although no disrespect, worthy winners), but to be placed runners up really does mean Olympic Gold in essence, having been placed above every other viable club in the running, of which there are many, and to be voted above them all. Superb.

Adding this to the abundance of trophies which the club already has will make for a very fine trophy cabinet indeed.

We all had a great time, and it’s goodbye to Tatton for this year. See you again soon I hope.




Tatton Park June 2016 – Show Report

Well it was that time again, the first Tatton Park weekend of the year! And how quickly it does seem to come around.

It is the 30th anniversary year and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen it so busy. Most likely due in part at least to the weather, which, aside from a single fifteen minute or so shower, was brilliant for the whole three days, including the Friday for those who camped over the two nights. It was either super hot, red hot or blisteringly hot. It couldn’t have been any better.

The Friday evening saw a sporting star stop by at the stand, none other than heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. Although a little camera shy, despite Chairman Mike’s efforts with a photographic request (but nice try Mike!) I did manage to take a couple of snaps, one of which, as you will see below, shows the man mountain chatting with our club members at the stand. He paid particular attention to Gaz’s golden Mark 1, as he went to take a closer look. Tyson and his family could be seen throughout the weekend strolling around the show.

Our stand was very well attended on both days, especially the Sunday, and as always, attracted a great deal of worthy attention. For the first time at Tatton we saw Ian’s 2.0S which remained for both days. The blue beauty with it’s black vinyl roof is a real treat, and a rare sight, and gained much admiration, deservedly so.

The car which I noticed gaining repeated attention was Alan’s new acquisition, his 2.8 Injection. The car runs and drives great, although I think it’s fair to say that it is probably in between make overs at the moment. But it was that fact which made it so appealing, numerous people approaching the stand and walking past such treasures as the aforementioned 2.0S, the club’s immaculate Tickfords and Mark’s prestigious 3.0S, heading instead straight to Alan’s car for a closer inspection.

There are so many mint examples of various classic cars at the show, so much so that many people, after witnessing one perfect car after another, find a car such as that one a very welcome and interesting sight. Speaking of Mark’s 3.0S, this graced the stand on the Sunday, and as always found many admirers, this model is the top of the tree for many Capri lovers. And this example is just superb. Original and faultless.

As said, the two Tickfords graced us, with the red one of a kind automatic arriving to pair up with his white brother for the Sunday. We had a fine example of the limited edition Brooklands, Eric’s award winning Mark 1 Zetec, and of course numerous other cars on display, our usual crew, but by no means any less worthy of their place on the stage.

I must mention a special thanks to the multitude of chefs and cooks for the tasty meals. We really do have unsung heroes at the club preparing the food, I’m sure I’m right in saying that it is greatly appreciated, by us all.

Yet another great weekend, enjoyed by all. Thanks as always to Chairman Mike and the usual suspects for the hard work in setting up the facilities for us all to enjoy, and of course not forgetting also the taking down of the equipment which is done at a time when most of us can barely walk due to the rigours and fun (and perhaps just a little too much alcohol consumption!), of the weekend, yet they somehow find countless reserves of energy to pack everything away until the next time.

So, until that next time, cheers everyone!



CCC Monthly Meet – April 2016

Monday 4th April 2016

Last night saw the monthly meeting held at the Windmill Pub just off the M6.

It certainly was a busy one with a good turnout from CCC Members.

Im sure Mike informed you all of how 2016 Membership Renewals are now due. If you wish to pay there are now 2 options available: cash or Paypal

As always the renewal of subs brings in some money for the club to invest, if you have a suggestion or can think of something which would help the club at indoor or outdoor shows please get in touch!

As you will be aware the Website is currently undergoing some critical construction after a major breakdown earlier this year. For help putting together the Members Cars Pages which will hold info about each individual motor in the club, we would like to request that ALL members send in a bit of info on you car. I.e the story behind you finding/buying it, your previous, current, on-going or future work you have carried out and a bit of a spec.

This would be a huge help to the team carrying out the update. Please email to the clubs address: cheshirecapriclub@hotmail.co.uk

It was great to catch up with everyone and certainly put a few of us in the right mind ready for our first outdoor show!

The next Monthly Meet lands on the Bank-holiday Monday so we are looking forward to a good turn out that May usually brings as well as the possibility of a couple of Capri’s being there! (Monday 2nd May 2016)

On another note the Clubs Magazine was well received from both Members and non members. If you have have an article you wish to publish within the next issue please get in touch!

Finally the club is always open to sponsorship wether it be a business you run personally or a friend may own etc this is a great opportunity to get some great coverage for a bargain price of £50! Once complete the site will host a link to your website aswell as a mention throughout the year at each of the shows and a big thanks at the Annual Awards Weekend!

See you all at the next meet!

Who's this lovely looking bunch!

Who’s this lovely looking bunch!

NEC Practical Classics Resto Show Pics

Hi All

A few pics from NEC earlier this month. Courtesy of Adam, If anyone else has any more please send over for us to post up.




‘Ians Stunning low mileage 2.0S’


‘Adam enjoyed his audience whilst giving her a clean!’


‘Hello Cheeky!’


‘Thats a lovely bum!’


‘7 Cars on a 3 Car stand it was a squeeeze’


‘I spy with my little eye’


‘Always in the fast lane’


‘Birminghams best Curry House!’


‘ooooh shiny!’




‘Cruising on home’


‘Typical Manc weather’


‘3…2…1….. Go!’


‘Looking clean’


‘Barnfind RS3100’


‘Its Paddy from Emmerdale…but wheres Marlon?’


‘He had to get a coach photo!’


‘Who let him our on day release?’

Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

Event City 2016 – Hotel info etc

Hi Everyone .

Here is the details for Event City Classic car show 17th and 18th September 2016.

Arrive at Event city in your Capri at TBC o’clock and help setup the stand.

A Belle Vue coach will pick us up at the front of Event City at 18:00 and transfer us all to the wonderful Manchester Copthorne hotel in Salford Quays (Just a short walk away from Manchester United and the Lowry outlet village where there are plenty of shops and restaurants etc)

Saturday and Sunday morning at 08:30 we will be collected at the hotel again by coach for the short transfer to Event City, for those wanting a lie in its a short taxi ride away and again there will be a coach outside Event City each night at 18:00 for the transfer back to the hotel.

Hotel costs are only £50 per person per night and includes a full English breakfast and is payable upon arrival at Event City to Mike.

Here are a few links for your assistance.


Lowry centre.

Classic Car show.

Event city Exhibitor entrance is on Mercury Way, M41 7RR (NOT THE FRONT ENTRANCE)

Hotel Booking Ref: 211791187

Can everyone please confirm their interest

As always I’m here to assist.

We don’t have stand size yet so we don’t no how many cars we can accommodate


Membership Renewal Time!!

Hello boys & girls

It’s nearly that time of the year (1st April) for me to start chasing you for club funds … Ya got 2 weeks to save up ha ha, I’ll remind you again near the time… Pay pal address .. Cheshirecapriclub@hotmail.co.uk

Any one got any ideas for what to buy for the club please put them forward, id like a couple of slow cookers to make stews curries etc ?? they use hardly any energy & the Genny will have no problem running them, (make a change from burgers) ??

CCC Website – Update

Hi All

As you can see the clubs website recently encountered a few issues with the layout. Well club member Dom has stepped up to the mark and built the club a custom website to encorporate all that we used to have and more!

Please bare with us while we get the website back to what it used to be! We appreciate your patience.


NEC Practical Classics Restoration Show – Show Report

NEC  – March 4th – 6th 2016

2016 saw Cheshire Capri Club return to the NEC for the second time! We have been trying for the past 6 years to get into the November show without any luck so far but with the NEW Practical Classics Restoration show this was our chance to get a foot in the door! It’s fair to say we left a good impression with our packed stand and with many visitors stopping to have a chat and rekindle some stories or memories.

Friday saw Mike, Alex and Kasey arrive early knocking on the door of the NEC to ensure it was all set up before the arrival of the rest of the members and their cars. As we always say its not a CCC weekend away without any drama and this show was no exception!

Shoe horning is the only way to describe what was originally given to us! 7 cars squoze onto a stand that was ideally made for 3! We worked together with both the club on the stand next door and the organisers to resolve this issue and soon found an answer all were happy with!

We now had an ample stand with plenty of space for show visitors to have a good look around the cars and mingle amongst club members on the stand!

It was possibly the quickest stand we have ever set up at CCC, which saw us quickly find the bar at the hotel! A good drinking session followed with the usual club banter being thrown around. It soon became apparent new members Phil & Paul (or Paddy & Marlon) were going to get on with the club very well! It was great to finally meet them and see the stunning S of Phil’s/Paddy’s proudly grabbing the attention on the stand.

If we learnt one thing this weekend it was if we were to anywhere as a club Liz would certainly be in charge of the itinerary. With a guide to Birmingham more comprehensive than a local tour guides we certainly weren’t going to miss a trick this weekend! You’ve earned yourself a new role within the club now Liz!

Another member who deserves a mention is Ian, the only man to go to the NEC with £200 and return with £450, in Mikes words he is tighter than cramp and no wonder he’s a millionaire. Although it was great to see his very low mileage 2.0s!

Friday night saw us venture to Resort World and head to TGIs for tea! I think everyone of us tried to blag that it was somebodies birthday just to get a free piece of cake! And well it worked as they were soon singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mike while the rest of us were crying laughing! It must have been a god drinking session as once we returned to the bar I ordered myself a Guinness and well those who know me will know I have never ever drunk it! Its fair to say this night is just a blur in my memory!

It was great to see so many hung-over faces for breakfast the next morning with some opting to go for the half hour walk to the NEC to blow away the cobwebs! We arrived at the show fresh faced and clutching bottles of water! The show soon opened and thousands of visitors were flooding through the doors. All day the stand was packed and Adam soon received an eagle-eyed crowd as he polished up his wheels with his homemade polisher! Under pressure much?

Dom & Liz encountered a small problem on their way to the NEC… the wipers kept blowing fuses, well this was when Paul/Marlon came into his own.  As happy as a pig in poo there wasn’t one electrical component that went unturned! He soon tracked down the issue and resolved it to get them home without any issues!

Saturday night saw a few hung-over members struggling to get back on it! No rest for the wicked in this club and we were soon relaxing in the spa at the hotel after a long day before venturing back to the bar! Liz managed to find a local Indian restaurant that was very impressive! Iv never seen a restaurant so busy and we were quickly ushered in! Well done to Liz on finding this gem as everyone left very happy! Beautiful foods for an even more beautiful price of £17 a head!!

Sunday morning soon came around which saw a few struggling to get out of bed early! With breakfast out the way it was soon time to venture back to the NEC for the final day. With it being Mothers Day it was a little quieter than the Saturday but still plenty of interest in the Capris from the public! Again its not a CCC weekend away without an issue and Sunday saw Ian struggling to get his dipstick back in the hole (No pun intended honest!)

It was soon time to break down and let the chaos commence! With Gaz and Alex being penned up waiting to get in with the vans it took a while before we got chance to pack the stand in the van and get back on the road up north! Everyone worked together to break the stand down in record time! Have a look on the Facebook page to see the stunning sight of 3 beautiful Capris heading up the Toll its certainly an impressive sight!

As a club we would like to thank all who made the trip down to the NEC with us. We know its not the closest and isn’t the cheapest of weekends away but it is always a show that is full of surprises and great to be involved in one of the UKs fastest growing indoor show!

More fantastic memories to take away and a superb way to start the 2016 show season! Catch you all at the next one! A big thanks must also go to Alison Judge and all the team involved in organising this superb show I’m sure its no small task and is even more impressive year on year!

We will soon have a bit more information to share on the new cars in the club including Ian’s beautiful low mileage 2.0S, Paddy’s stunning BMW Grey S and the full story behind Dom & Liz’s wedding present Mk2, so keep an eye out in the clubs magazine, on the website and on the Facebook page!

(Pics will be posted soon)

March – A busy month for CCC

Hello All!

Well time is ticking now and it will soon be time to return to the NEC Practical Classics Restoration show! Last year this was truly an epic show with such a huge range of cars on display from barn finds to projects through to the full concourse beauties!

The dates for the show are 5th and 6th March but obviously if you are attending with your car you will need to be there on the 4th!

So as u can see this would mean we would literally be having the Monthly Meet the day after we get back! If you attended last year you will know that the day after this show is a right off for us all so we have taken the decision to cancel the March Monthly meet, If anyone had anything to bring up please don’t hesitate to have a chat while at the NEC


We look forward to seeing you all at the NEC then monthly meetings will be back to normal for April!