Tatton Park – August 2017

Tatton Park August 2017

Tatton Park August 2017 – Show Report

Here we are yet again, for the last Tatton show of the year. And as always, what a great one. We had a different stand this time, perhaps the powers that be like to move us around, or maybe Posh Eric sings too loud, but in any case nothing can dampen our Club spirit. Not even the rain, and rain it did! Although the Sunday stayed dry and warm.

We arrived on the Friday, meeting up with Chairman Mike and Millie and Tony with his 2.0S, who was helping out setting things up again, and a well deserved recipient of our traditional Member Of The Year award, but more of that later.

Again we had our newly purchased gazebo. Great buy that is, absolutely spot on. This got plenty of use from us all over the weekend, especially when the rain arrived, can’t imagine the shows without it now.

More members arrived and the Friday night met with our usual level of, how can I politely put it, celebration and joviality. Sounds like something the Mercedes club might say! The beer was flowing (and the Jagermeister, far too much on this occasion, I think Alan might even be getting the taste for it) and we were loud and proud. Enjoyment is top of the list for us, and we all had plenty of it. On to the aforementioned Member Of The Year presentation which was given out on the Friday night this time. And was given to Tony. Well done Tony! Very well deserved. And out came the celebratory champagne. He didn’t take my advice though when I told him to imagine everyone naked to give his speech. Can’t think why.

On to the Saturday then, and we had a whopping thirteen cars on the stand, which, as it wasn’t the largest stand we have been given, made it look very well populated and a great display. We even had a member from the Potteries jump on with us as that club didn’t turn up I believe, and we had a returning visitor drive up with his Capri from Scotland which was fantastic. Marc had a four hour drive which just goes to show how good the Club is if someone is willing to come back and do that. Some members are looking forward to the promise of the haggis next time! Another round of applause today, for the Associate Member Of The Year award, which was presented to Tony’s better half Danielle. Well done you two, you will have a trophy cabinet as big as that of Manchester City in no time.

Someone, goodness knows who, had the idea of lighting a fire. Now, as ludicrous as it sounds, it was great! Kevin (customised 1.6 Laser) even drove home to Stockport for some firewood, now there’s dedication for you, either that or he was very cold and really wanted a warm. And for several hours thereafter most club members sat in a circle, drinking, laughing, and enjoying a lovely warm fire pit, it was mesmerising at times, we all had a great time with it. And when the wood supply started to run low, the branches and trees from the woods came in handy. Well, they wouldn’t let us camp in there so it serves them right! Twisted firestarters indeed. All that was missing was a sing-a-long of Gin Gan Goolie. Although I did attempt a line or two of Kumbaya My Lord.

The stand looked so good that we even received a commendation award, a top three place no less. At a show like Tatton with its multitude of stands, vehicles, clubs and variety, that really is a feat. Great stuff.

As said, Sunday was a much better day weather wise, although the ground was so bad in places that Mike in his 2.8 Injection and Mark with his 3.0S were not allowed to drive round to the stand, instead having to leave their cars elsewhere. That’s the first time in several years of Tatton that I have known that to happen. It was the same around the showground as others could be heard with similar tales. Much better than being stuck in the deep mud though of course, and they both came over to spend time at the stand as normal obviously.

Any CCC show at Tatton would not be complete without a famous face, please see previous reports for Tyson Fury, Emmerdale’s Andy Sugden, and, well, The Stig. And this time we had TV presenter and comedian Alex Riley. Alex can be seen on The One Show as well as various other TV shows, including previously presenting Classic Car Club. He is a lifelong classic car enthusiast and we waited with bated breath as he walked by. By better half Lynn accosted him as he did so and asked if he would pose for a Club photo. He agreed! And so out came my trusty camera, the pictures will appear soon no doubt, of Alex shaking hands with Chairman Mike at the Club stand.

Again, many, many thanks to all concerned for the food. The meals we had were, yet again, superb. I couldn’t imagine them being any better, especially when you consider how many are being catered for and that we are in the middle of a field! Simply, the meals were fantastic. That includes Mark 1 Gaz of course, for working his magic with the breakfast and all the other usual suspects for their hand in sorting the food for us all to enjoy.

As always, it’s very sad to leave such a brilliant weekend, and there were many long faces, including mine, as the weekend came to a close and off we went. So here’s to the next one, hope to see you all soon.