Tatton Park – June 2016 Show Report

Well it was that time again, the first Tatton Park weekend of the year! And how quickly it does seem to come around.

It is the 30th anniversary year and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen it so busy. Most likely due in part at least to the weather, which, aside from a single fifteen minute or so shower, was brilliant for the whole three days, including the Friday for those who camped over the two nights. It was either super hot, red hot or blisteringly hot. It couldn’t have been any better.

The Friday evening saw a sporting star stop by at the stand, none other than heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. Although a little camera shy, despite Chairman Mike’s efforts with a photographic request (but nice try Mike!) I did manage to take a couple of snaps, one of which, as you will see below, shows the man mountain chatting with our club members at the stand. He paid particular attention to Gaz’s golden Mark 1, as he went to take a closer look. Tyson and his family could be seen throughout the weekend strolling around the show.

Our stand was very well attended on both days, especially the Sunday, and as always, attracted a great deal of worthy attention. For the first time at Tatton we saw Ian’s 2.0S which remained for both days. The blue beauty with it’s black vinyl roof is a real treat, and a rare sight, and gained much admiration, deservedly so.

The car which I noticed gaining repeated attention was Alan’s new acquisition, his 2.8 Injection. The car runs and drives great, although I think it’s fair to say that it is probably in between make overs at the moment. But it was that fact which made it so appealing, numerous people approaching the stand and walking past such treasures as the aforementioned 2.0S, the club’s immaculate Tickfords and Mark’s prestigious 3.0S, heading instead straight to Alan’s car for a closer inspection.

There are so many mint examples of various classic cars at the show, so much so that many people, after witnessing one perfect car after another, find a car such as that one a very welcome and interesting sight. Speaking of Mark’s 3.0S, this graced the stand on the Sunday, and as always found many admirers, this model is the top of the tree for many Capri lovers. And this example is just superb. Original and faultless.

As said, the two Tickfords graced us, with the red one of a kind automatic arriving to pair up with his white brother for the Sunday. We had a fine example of the limited edition Brooklands, Eric’s award winning Mark 1 Zetec, and of course numerous other cars on display, our usual crew, but by no means any less worthy of their place on the stage.

I must mention a special thanks to the multitude of chefs and cooks for the tasty meals. We really do have unsung heroes at the club preparing the food, I’m sure I’m right in saying that it is greatly appreciated, by us all.

Yet another great weekend, enjoyed by all. Thanks as always to Chairman Mike and the usual suspects for the hard work in setting up the facilities for us all to enjoy, and of course not forgetting also the taking down of the equipment which is done at a time when most of us can barely walk due to the rigours and fun (and perhaps just a little too much alcohol consumption!), of the weekend, yet they somehow find countless reserves of energy to pack everything away until the next time.

So, until that next time, cheers everyone!