Tatton Park August 2016 – Show Report

It’s hard to believe that the Tatton shows have ended for yet another year. They seem to take forever to get here and then they are gone before you know it.

The club had it’s stand throughout the weekend as usual, with us just attending on the Sunday this time, which by all accounts was by far the best day for the weather. After an early morning downpour or two, the rain pretty much stayed away for the rest of the day, a pleasant surprise!

We had a really big stand which was crammed with Capri’s, it looked a brilliant display. We had some new cars this time around which included some new friends from Scotland, hardly a short drive away! It was great to meet and greet you all, and it is worthy to note that with cars and owners from another country, that must indeed expand us into a club of international status!

I did try to count the amount of cars on the stand but I kept losing count (I was off the day they did maths), but there must have been fifteen or sixteen Capri’s or so, which made for a brilliant stand for any visitor to look around, which they did in big numbers, it was constantly full of people admiring the cars, a steady stream coming to see the ever popular Capri.

I must offer a massive thanks here, and I am certain that you will all join me, to our usual crew of Chairman Mike, Ross, Alex and Millie who set up the facilities for us all to enjoy. It’s very easy to forget when we just turn up on show day to enjoy all that is on offer, and then go home again, but they all put in an immense amount of work, not only on the Friday beforehand to set everything up for us, but prior to this of course with ensuring we have everything we need for an enjoyable and comfortable weekend including the fantastic food which is always enjoyed. You can see pictures on the Facebook page of the shelters and equipment being set up on the Friday, in the miserable weather. I have yet to hear anyone whinge or complain about how hard it is or how much trouble it is in doing this for us all, they just get on with it and do it. And of course it all has to be taken down again, removed and stored away for next time. So really – Thank You!

The Sunday afternoon had our annual awards get together, with Associate Member Of The Year and Member Of The Year awards being won by Kasey and Adam respectively. And well done to you both! A great speech by Alex (I assume you kept your nerve there by the age old trick of imagining us all naked), Mike and a nice speech by Alan concerning the Gatley Car Show which he is very much involved with, supporting a charity which is very close to him on a personal level. We must make a better effort to get to this next time Alan.

Whilst the awards and speeches were underway, the stand had a famous face wandering around and admiring the cars, none other than actor Kelvin Fletcher who plays Andy Sugden in popular soap Emmerdale. He was spotted  walking amongst the cars for a good while. We managed to catch up with him a little later, and he agreed to a photo with my better half and club member Lynn which you can see below.

We seem to be building up a roll call of famous names, at the last Tatton show heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury came over to the stand. You can see a photo of him talking to club members on the review of that show here on the website.

That’s the heavyweight champion of the world and one of the biggest stars in TV soaps, not bad going, I wonder which famous face will grace us next!

The club was informed that we had won an award, brilliant news! Chairman Mike gave me the honour of collecting it (thank you Mike), and so up we went along with Ross and Alex to see what we had been awarded. It seemed an eternity as we waited for the other awards to be handed out (and I even resorted to a little pole dancing to pass the time, please keep those photos to yourself Alex me old mate!) before they had reached the top six best club stand awards, which are very worthy accolades indeed.

Sixth place was given out, the fifth, then fourth….and we are still waiting. So wow, we are top three! Then third was called out, and then it was Cheshire Capri Club, runners up. Fantastic. With only the might of the Mercedes club above us, it really is something to celebrate, a great privilege. The strength of numbers, facilities and finances which the Mercedes club has to hand means that they are one of a kind in reality (although no disrespect, worthy winners), but to be placed runners up really does mean Olympic Gold in essence, having been placed above every other viable club in the running, of which there are many, and to be voted above them all. Superb.

Adding this to the abundance of trophies which the club already has will make for a very fine trophy cabinet indeed.

We all had a great time, and it’s goodbye to Tatton for this year. See you again soon I hope.