NEC March 2016 Report

NEC  – March 4th – 6th 2016

2016 saw Cheshire Capri Club return to the NEC for the second time! We have been trying for the past 6 years to get into the November show without any luck so far but with the NEW Practical Classics Restoration show this was our chance to get a foot in the door! It’s fair to say we left a good impression with our packed stand and with many visitors stopping to have a chat and rekindle some stories or memories.

Friday saw Mike, Alex and Kasey arrive early knocking on the door of the NEC to ensure it was all set up before the arrival of the rest of the members and their cars. As we always say its not a CCC weekend away without any drama and this show was no exception!

Shoe horning is the only way to describe what was originally given to us! 7 cars squoze onto a stand that was ideally made for 3! We worked together with both the club on the stand next door and the organisers to resolve this issue and soon found an answer all were happy with!

We now had an ample stand with plenty of space for show visitors to have a good look around the cars and mingle amongst club members on the stand!

It was possibly the quickest stand we have ever set up at CCC, which saw us quickly find the bar at the hotel! A good drinking session followed with the usual club banter being thrown around. It soon became apparent new members Phil & Paul (or Paddy & Marlon) were going to get on with the club very well! It was great to finally meet them and see the stunning S of Phil’s/Paddy’s proudly grabbing the attention on the stand.

If we learnt one thing this weekend it was if we were to anywhere as a club Liz would certainly be in charge of the itinerary. With a guide to Birmingham more comprehensive than a local tour guides we certainly weren’t going to miss a trick this weekend! You’ve earned yourself a new role within the club now Liz!

Another member who deserves a mention is Ian, the only man to go to the NEC with £200 and return with £450, in Mikes words he is tighter than cramp and no wonder he’s a millionaire. Although it was great to see his very low mileage 2.0s!

Friday night saw us venture to Resort World and head to TGIs for tea! I think everyone of us tried to blag that it was somebodies birthday just to get a free piece of cake! And well it worked as they were soon singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mike while the rest of us were crying laughing! It must have been a god drinking session as once we returned to the bar I ordered myself a Guinness and well those who know me will know I have never ever drunk it! Its fair to say this night is just a blur in my memory!

It was great to see so many hung-over faces for breakfast the next morning with some opting to go for the half hour walk to the NEC to blow away the cobwebs! We arrived at the show fresh faced and clutching bottles of water! The show soon opened and thousands of visitors were flooding through the doors. All day the stand was packed and Adam soon received an eagle-eyed crowd as he polished up his wheels with his homemade polisher! Under pressure much?

Dom & Liz encountered a small problem on their way to the NEC… the wipers kept blowing fuses, well this was when Paul/Marlon came into his own.  As happy as a pig in poo there wasn’t one electrical component that went unturned! He soon tracked down the issue and resolved it to get them home without any issues!

Saturday night saw a few hung-over members struggling to get back on it! No rest for the wicked in this club and we were soon relaxing in the spa at the hotel after a long day before venturing back to the bar! Liz managed to find a local Indian restaurant that was very impressive! Iv never seen a restaurant so busy and we were quickly ushered in! Well done to Liz on finding this gem as everyone left very happy! Beautiful foods for an even more beautiful price of £17 a head!!

Sunday morning soon came around which saw a few struggling to get out of bed early! With breakfast out the way it was soon time to venture back to the NEC for the final day. With it being Mothers Day it was a little quieter than the Saturday but still plenty of interest in the Capris from the public! Again its not a CCC weekend away without an issue and Sunday saw Ian struggling to get his dipstick back in the hole (No pun intended honest!)

It was soon time to break down and let the chaos commence! With Gaz and Alex being penned up waiting to get in with the vans it took a while before we got chance to pack the stand in the van and get back on the road up north! Everyone worked together to break the stand down in record time! Have a look on the Facebook page to see the stunning sight of 3 beautiful Capris heading up the Toll its certainly an impressive sight!

As a club we would like to thank all who made the trip down to the NEC with us. We know its not the closest and isn’t the cheapest of weekends away but it is always a show that is full of surprises and great to be involved in one of the UKs fastest growing indoor show!

More fantastic memories to take away and a superb way to start the 2016 show season! Catch you all at the next one! A big thanks must also go to Alison Judge and all the team involved in organising this superb show I’m sure its no small task and is even more impressive year on year!

We will soon have a bit more information to share on the new cars in the club including Ian’s beautiful low mileage 2.0S, Paddy’s stunning BMW Grey S and the full story behind Dom & Liz’s wedding present Mk2, so keep an eye out in the clubs magazine, on the website and on the Facebook page!