Event City September 2015

This was my first time at the Event City classic car show, and what an eye opener it was, a massive display of vehicles, far more than I ever imagined. It was nice to see a lot of cars and stands which don’t frequent the outdoor shows so much, the DeLorean stand for instance and the Hillman/Chrysler Avenger guys who were next to us, not many of those left, but of particular interest to me with an Avenger being the family car we had as I was growing up. And who could forget that super immaculate concours 2.8, showing off just how spotless it was with mirrors and lights underneath. Whether this is your thing or not, you can’t help but appreciate what it must take to get a car looking like that.

Legendary hellraiser (no, not Chairman Mike) and sporting icon George Best’s E-Type Jag was on display as were several cars which had made TV appearances such as the Cavalier seen on James May’s recent Cars Of The People series. For anyone who hasn’t seen this show, episode 3 featured an excellent Capri segment, well worth watching. There was a TV Capri, with a Mark 1 having featured in such programmes as Heartbeat and The Yorkshire Ripper, as well as many other Capri’s scattered around the event. Also surprising was the amount of stalls and items on offer. Lots to browse through or buy.

Our stand was easily the best on offer. The amount of thought and effort was obvious for all who came to visit. It was busy on both days, our retro garage/car showroom theme, as well as the excellent show of cars, bringing in the admirers. The theme we had was a great idea, and it was fun seeing people actually speaking to the forecourt dummies we had, yes that really happened! People were having their pictures taken with them and many stared at the vintage petrol pump we had with obvious nostalgia. Including me.

A great assortment of Capri’s on our stand as usual, Ian’s striking Orange X-Pack received much attention, as did Gaz’s glittering golden wonder and posh Eric’s always gleaming Mark 1 Zetec, which had some reaching for their cheque books when they saw the (purposefully retro) price ticket in the windscreen!

Massive thanks to Chairman (I can’t keep my hands off the lovely lady mannequins) Mike and to Alex for getting there early and setting up such a great display for us all. It looked fantastic.

Most of us stayed at a nearby B&B, who looked after us all very well, and coped admirably considering what they had to put up with from us! Everyone had a great time, lots of food, beer, noise, fun and depravity. And if you ever have Chairman Mike at your house, it would be good practice to not wind him up whilst within reach of any coat hooks.

Thanks to Ian for sorting us out with transport between Event City and the B&B, which on one occasion consisted of us travelling in our very own school bus. It didn’t take long before the children of the club sprinted to the upper deck. You big kids!

Three brilliant, enjoyable days and yet more happy memories. Cheers!