Tatton Aug 2015 Annual Awards and Big Mikes surprise 50th

Well the final Tatton Park show of the year has come and gone and what a great time we all had. Despite the doom and gloom of the weather reports leading up to the weekend, the weather was on the whole very kind to us. There was some rain (more on this later), but during show time, on both days, it was very warm and sunny, I even came home with a tan.

The cars and displays we put on over the two days were as great as ever, I could never tire of seeing the Capri’s in the club. We had the two Tickfords on the stand which always bring attention, only 58 of these known to exist I was informed, with little chance of any more appearing. It was good to see Mark’s standard 3.0s, the Holy Grail of Capri’s for many. ‘Posh’ Eric won another well deserved award for his Mark 1 Zetec, the time and effort to make a car this immaculate must be obvious to all who see it.

The stand was very busy with visitors, especially on the Sunday which is typically this show’s busiest day, proof, if any was needed, that the fondness for the Capri with both enthusiasts and the general public is as strong as ever.

The Saturday evening saw the fruition of a highly secretive military style covert operation, which had Ross at the helm, to celebrate and surprise Chairman Mike’s big birthday, who was to be 50 years young in a few days time (by coincidence the club was celebrating it’s 5th year also).

And so we ushered Mike off to the beer tent across the field for a ‘celebratory birthday beer’, whilst the hired band, event tent, and party mood was organised back at base ready for the birthday boy’s return. By the way, it quickly became apparent to me that Ross knows someone for everything. You need it, I reckon he can get it!

Chairman ‘Iron Grip’ Mike’s return (it may not be wise to shake his hand if you’re ever recovering from a hand operation), was met with much surprise and emotion, a well deserved treat for the boss.

You really need to take a glance on the club’s Facebook page for videos of some of the shenanigans which followed, which brings us back to the weather, the Heavens opened up a nano-second before the band began to play (great music by the way played amazingly well, Thin Lizzy, Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC, etc. all played brilliantly), the downpour lasting an age coupled with thunder and lightning, but this did nothing to dampen the atmosphere, not with this mix of mud, mud, belly flopping in the mud, mud, rolling in the mud, mud wrestling, and more mud, with mud-hugging those who managed to escape the mud. Followed by extra mud. Again, check the Facebook page out, Mike’s trademark ten yard high speed-belly-flop-across-the-mud-through-legs, achieved in one go has to be seen to be believed.

Thanks to Mike, Alex and everyone else for setting up the facilities again for us all to enjoy, apologies if I’ve missed credit to anyone, blame the Jagermeister, or rather the quantity of it.

Great weekend to get our Capri fix, great food, lots of drink, loads of enjoyment with the only downside being that it goes so quick.

Can’t wait for the next one. Cheers!