New Year 2014



2014 New Year Bash


Forest Hills Hotel, Frodshom


forrest hill hotel 

WE At CCC would like to wish you all a very happy New Year !!

What a turn out… From just 9 members in 2013  TO AN AMAZING 30 members in 2014 CC welcomed  New Member’s Jason & Bekkie for their first experience of “The New Cheshire Capri Club”. Jason was a original member back in the day before the club took off  to what it is now !!, Jason is back with a beautiful 2.8i  Special !! Ross Made  His annual speech & informed members of the launch of our all new website !!  plus a  full show report to members friends & family!!  With lots of worried members faces around the room, the best stories  were kept away of ” What happens at CCC stays at CCC ” With the club now all together the sad news that one of our members children had been diagnosed with leukaemia  a quick whip round  managed to bring in £95.  This was spent on a build a bear from the bear factory dressed as a member of the group  “Green Day” (ask the kids… I know I had too!!) & £45 of iTunes vouchers we hoped this would be of little comfort in hospital….

The food was fantastic, the hospitality stunning and with the bar maid remarking “God help us there back send out for more beer” meant we made a ” GOOD” impression last year… We hope to see you all there again as they say “Same time Same place next year” !!!

Until Smallwood or hush hush wink wink maybe sooner, This is your rather hung over roving reporter, Pikey singing off.

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