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Here at Cheshire Capri Club we consider ourselves a family friendly club. We haven’t been established as long as some other classic clubs but we consider ourselves as a well established club with a great bunch of members and an even more fantastic array of
Ford Capris

At CCC we are not picky or choosy on what type of cars join the club – Whether you are driving a rolling project, working on a total restoration or its more of a drive to show motor or even concourse Capri’s the more variety the better as long as it has a Ford badge and is a Capri marque.

We like to imagine that our club has a more relaxed atmosphere about it but we still strive to present a strong and good-looking stand at shows. So lets pull the crates of ale from the boots of the Capris and have a great weekend!

If you’re looking for a club to join then look no further! There’s no better place to come along meet like-minded people and share thoughts, tips tricks and even helping other members with spare parts etc.

We hold a monthly meet on the first Monday of each month throughout the year  including seasonal party’s and other get togethers along with attending as many shows throughout the year, if you are attending the monthly meet then the times are
(7pm if eating and
8pm if not).

The location is The Windmill Pub just off JC19 of the M6 its situated just to the side of the M6 and can’t be missed

If you see us at a show don’t be shy come and say Hi!




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